Simplify Your Fuel Cell Simulation & Test with EA Programmable Power Solutions



Fuel Cell Application Note

Supporting Advances in Climate-neutral Energy

A simple chemical reaction brings us a new chapter of new energy. Hydrogen and oxygen are combined to generate electricity, heat and water in a fuel cell, which is composed of an anode, cathode and an electrolyte membrane. Multiple fuel cells are assembled into a stack to obtain a higher current, and this fuel cell stack, brings to the market with a lot of different applications, e.g., transportation, energy storage, power backup, etc.. In order to obtain the fuel cell stack characteristic, typically we have performance and durability test. Fuel cell performance usually indicated by polarization curves by measuring its voltage and current. Durability test is the test after fuel cell stack reaches operating conditions, the stack is subjected to a continuous repetition of required duty cycle.

In both performance and durability test, electronic load is one of the key components in the test station. EA ElektroAutomatik, the leader of Europe DC power solution, offers regenerative dc electronic load with embedded programmable resistance feature. Regenerative is the industry standard for fuel cell stack testing, particularly beneficial for long hours operation. Programmable resistance mode (or XY table mode) could help engineers to simulate different load conditions. Download the application note to learn more.




These, and other important topics will be discussed in our comprehensive application note.

  • Built-in arbitrary waveform/function generator simplifies creation of waveforms for perturbation testing
  • Bidirectional power supplies can both simulate and test fuel cells
  • True Auto-ranging power supplies and loads allow full power capacity over a wide operating test range for fuel cells
  • Power supplies and loads with 30 kW capacity for testing high power fuel cell stacks